How to install VR Software

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Virtual reality is simply defined as an artificial environment that is formed with software and readily available to the user in a way that the operators ignores belief and admit it as a real environment.

Process of installing the VR software

Prior to install and use the VR software, you are required to:

– Disable the screen security feature (lock) on your mobile device.

– Confirm that the device to be installed the software is linked to a Wireless network or rather mobile network.

– Ensure that the Device has a software update so that it can assist the installation process of the VR software because it may be a requirement.

– Know that the VR software is only installed immediately and that it is linked to the Oculus Store because The VR app is not in the Google Play Store.

– Focus on the proximity device which is inside the VR Gear that identifies the location of your face where probably the screen unlocks hence ready for use.

Steps to follow during the installation of the VR Software

Stage 1: Attach the device to the VR Gear facing the screen near then connect the device to the VR Software using the USB Connector and ensure that the back cover of your device is firmly secure in advance before connecting it to your headset then fix the device.

Stage 2: A prompt sound will be produced hence remove the device from the VR Gear and continue with the installation of the VR Gear software.

Stage 3: As soon as you have detached the device from the VR Gear, a new screen will appear displaying in your device then select on Next and the Software set up files will automatically start downloading.

Stage 4: Once the set-up has downloaded, on the warning notice, click on Agree and then Next to continue and wait for all the necessary files have been downloaded.

Stage 5: Once the files have been installed, The Oculus software application will be loaded on your device whereby you are required to select the command Start so as to progress.

Stage 6: You will then login to your Oculus account and if you don’t have an account you will tap on a new user name and create one.

Stage 7: Fill in your details in the fields provided so as to continue with the operation and generate an Oculus PIN encryption.

Stage 8: A confirmation email will be directed to the recorded email address whereby, you will confirm the account by opening the link sent in your email account inbox.

Stage 9: You will be directed on how to add a payment method so as to buy the VR apps and games in the Oculus Store.

Stage 10: Finally, you shall have effectively fixed the Gear VR software and you will be ready set for use.